USA vs UK Web Design & Development

The United States has some rather questionable practices for Web Development. We British developers look at some of the websites and basically collapse in surprise.

But, let's not forget that the US is highly corporate in comparison to the UK. We're a bit more laid back, a bit more chilled out - this is evident in some of our corporate websites. With that being said, we often have a higher standard.

You can look at 1000 websites in the United States, and maybe 50 of them will be highly fluid, well designed, mobile/tablet responsive - and as cruel as it may sound - interesting. The UK isn't exactly free of that either; we're just as much to blame for an ugly internet as any other country. But, there's less of us here, so the impact of bad web design is fewer and farther between.

So here's what I suggest to you - aspiring web developers, companies outside the UK and basically anyone who has the slightest bit of enthusiasm about their website...

Shop around.

If your local Web Developers in rural America have a portfolio that probably excelled in the 90's, but doesn't quite cut the mustard in today's more responsive world... shop for one farther afield. Like.... 3000 miles farther afield.

The UK has some of the top Web Designers in the world - and to back them up, are some of the top Web Developers in the world. You only have to look at the Awwwards website, by country - to see that of the 98,000 submitted websites from the USA - the mere 6,000 submitted from the UK holds the highest percentile of top rated websites by design and development - particularly by other digital agencies and freelancers.

I myself work for a number of clients in the United States. I've done all sorts, from advertising websites, portfolio websites, corporate purchasing applications, in-page editing, commercial websites - the lot. I actually get more work from the States, than I do England.

So - my lovely folks across the pond - don't be afraid to use developers from other countries. Particularly the UK.

Not to mention, how nice would it be knowing that the UK is 5-8 hours ahead of you... you'd be waking up to a new website - and who doesn't want to wake up to amazing progress?

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