The Power of Social Media

Social Media has become a relentless success for spreading the word. Whether that word be of your Christmas Sale, an invitation to an event - or really, just about anything. The power of Social Media is only limited by the number of human's in the world it can reach... and that number is only growing.

Let me talk to you about a highly successful piece of world wide impacting media, that occurred in the last two days. Now, please note; by no means do I condone behaviour like what you're about to read - and in fact, I am one of many to report the lady mentioned for her cruel acts, to the relevant institutions.

A South Daytona, Florida woman - Katie Brown posted the image above on Facebook. Within 20 minutes it being posted, it had been shared right through to Europe, over 300 times. By the hour mark, it had done the equivalent of an entire lap around the Earth - being shared in different countries along the way. The woman later shared a post stating;

Katie Brown November 27 at 9:54am ยท Dont panic everyone it was only for a minute but hasnt barked since... POINT MADE!!!

The post about her dog has now been shared over 360,000 times - in as little as 2 days and has travelled the equivalent of (roughly) 115 laps around the planet and has sparked interest in local and national media, including Channel 9 News.

The ARFF (Animal Rights Foundation of Florida) is reported to have also received numerous reports, including my own - where it is hoped that prosecution will be served.

Social Media is a highly powerful and versatile system; it can cause the growth and expansion of businesses - but also bring them crashing down. In another example; the man mentioned in a previously unpublished post on my Blog, which will be published in due course - Carl Linden, had placed two Mobile Applications on the iOS App Store and Google Play store for Android.

Within 1 day, a single post told the users of Facebook about how Carl Linden is a convicted child sex offender, with a Sexual Offences Prevention Order and a lifetime residency on the Sex Offender's Register. The post also mentioned, that even though being convicted of making over 2500 pornographic images of children and distributing them to a peadophile network of 47 online peadophiles, had the nerve to release a mobile application and website, designed around pregnant parents and parents with children, in order to capture their images, videos, announcements and general updates, to be stored on a non SSL Certified (HTTP, not HTTPS) server.

Carl Linden of DCM Claims London

The convicted, was actually under investigation for Fraud and Money Laundering, and when the police seized his computer pending investigation - discovered the library of child porn. After serving his 3 years in prison, he reentered society, changing his name from Karl Anthony Lindon, to Carl Linden, which we believe was to hide his identity from people discovering what sort of man he is.

Social media post outing Carl Linden

After this one post had been shared around the world, posts begun to appear all over the internet - including Reddit, the 'Front Page of the Internet' as it's known.

The applications were quickly removed, and the website was pointed to the BBC News website.

So as you can see; the power of social media... in which effectiveness is limited only by the number of people on the planet, can be potentially destructive - or nurturing.

Be careful what you post on the internet folks; and leave the viral to the good and the helpful.

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