The beauty of the Anchor CMS framework

There's no doubt about it - Anchor CMS is a beautiful Content Management System.

It sports all the flexibilities of Wordpress, and more - without any of the huge drawbacks. It's written in a beautiful form PHP, which keeps the framework very light and very flexible. I would recommend this to anyone.

Anyone who has a site built by me, will have this CMS recommended to them - it's very easy to customise and make bespoke to your needs. Your website will be built in my own variation of AnchorCMS, granting you out of the box flexibility and easy management of content, pages, blog posts, news, case studies, products, projects, services and media. You name it - it can be built in with ease.

Creating a page is once again, as easy as typing a document in Microsoft Word.

I recommend it so much; I use it for my own website.

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