PHP 7 is coming, and it's beautiful

PHP 7 is going to bring some fantastic new features. This will be the time to start looking at upgrading your website to a new platform.

The open source developers at Zend have taken a leading role in developing PHP 7, and developers are poised to reap the optimized performance and efficiency benefits. Zend made its announcement at ZendCon 2015, the company’s annual PHP conference, in Las Vegas.

Even just the PHPNG merge in to PHP7... let's put this in to perspective for you.

The Wordpress Home Page requires 9.4 billion instructions from the CPU to run. With PHPNG, it now only needs 2.6 billion... that's a whopping 72% reduction. This will make the running of your PHP site more than double the speed! Most websites will be able to reap some of the benefit by just updating the server to PHP 7 from the current PHP 5.5 - but those who wish to reap 7's full benefits, will need to look at building a new framework or core for your website.

Businesses with a simple website, need not worry about seeking more and more speed. It'd be nice, but honestly - you're only going to see a noticeable difference if you have a lot of PHP to process, and that's only really the case in an application like Wordpress CMS, or any other for that matter.

All my websites are built in my bespoke framework, or Anchor. Anchor is a beautiful framework in which to build from, I'll go more in to that later.

You can read more about PHP 7 by visiting the Zend website below.


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