Christmas Sale Still On

Evenin' folks!

It's finally here! The month of kicking back in front of the fireplace, in your brown press-studded Gentlemen's leather arm chair and dimmed lights, with a short class of your favourite Whiskey to hand... contemplating how well business has gone this year.

So what's on your mind for 2016? Increase sales, reduce losses, maximise profit! Right!? Ofcourse - isn't that what it is every year!? So let me help you.

Did you know, your website was rendered out of date this month? With the release candidate of PHP 7 well underway and proving to be a complete success - there's talks for a release in mid December. This means, that your website will no longer be new - even if you JUST had it developed last month.

Ofcourse, it's not to say that your website won't function - ofcourse it will... but PHP7 offers an up to 75% increase in speed, as well as some seriously cool new features, which make all sorts of things possible - that previously, took serious effort to even get close.

With all that boring stuff said - let me slice it for you this way - a developed better, faster website, means more chance of keeping the customer on your website. In addition to keeping the customer on your site - I've first got to get them there! That's why I'm offering a FREE 12 month course of organic SEO lead generation and runtime - with all projects valued over £1,500. That's £2,600 worth of stringent, organic and permanent affecting SEO... for free. FREE. No catch, no ties, no strings. Completely free. This offer does only apply to new contracts though! Sorry guys!

What's included with your free SEO deal? WHY, I'm glad you asked, good sir!

I will provide you with 100% natural leads, and guarantee that they will stick. First page of Google and Bing? Not a problem. Give me 3 months, and anyone who purchased their spot from some shady SEO dealers who cheat the system... will be knocked off those first pages and I'll fill it with your links - 100% natural, 100% organic, 100% legitimate - everlasting.

I'll provide you with a monthly, bi-monthly or tri-monthly report to show you what is happening on you website. You can then say to me, whether you want traffic guiding to another section of the site, or increase hits on certain pages. My job is to keep you just as informed as I have to keep myself.

Using information from you, and market research - I will strategically alter the content and elements on your website to nourish new traffic, and guide it to the right place.

In addition to this; if for some miraculous reason I don't manage to get your website on Page 1 of Google within the first 3 months - again - naturally, I will give you another 3 months free - until I do get it there.

I will provide you with a bespoke CMS, in which you can even use to drop pages in on the fly and contribute to your website in any way, shape or form - and we're talking, proper kit - not that Wordpress stuff. No offence to the Wordpress guys!

All in all; it's what I like to refer to as "A no brainer!"

So don't hesitate; I'm free for new developments and projects, from late December onwards. Give me a call, or drop me an email - and let's have a nice cup of tea and a chat about your project.

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