A Web Designer who knows how to design the web

Finding a Web Designer who can satisfy the needs of an ever changing aesthetic nightmare such as the web - can be one of the hardest things you will ever do in the digital world.

I've worked with a great number of designers over the last 10 years - and only a few names remain at the forefront of my opinion on what a Web Designer should be like. This 'what a Web Designer should be like' can be a very broad collection of personality traits, in-depth knowledge, skill and taste. But more than that - it's having the ability to see in to the future.

A Web Designer, vastly different from a Web Developer - and yet commonly thought of as one in the same - is a person who performs magic. The Developer drives the website's functionality and a Marketing body shepherds the traffic to experience that functionality. But what your Web Designer does... is keep them there.

On average, a website page is viewed for anywhere between 1.8 to 7.5 seconds. That means, you have less than 6 seconds to sell whatever you're selling, to the client. More pages of information mean's more to look at - yes, effectively keeping the client on your website for longer. But does it always work?


The answer is no, it doesn't. Now, I've been in the web development business for round about 14 years - and in my time, I've never seen a website successfully translate walls of text and images, in to a sale. This is where Web Designers - particularly UI and UX - come in to play, and have been coming in to play, for the best part of 6 or 7 years.

Your Web Designer will analyse information about your business, information about your market and information about the people who would visit your website. What sort of demographics are we talking about, what times of the day are they most active, do they like cats - that sort of thing. You'd be surprised what goes in to it.

After that - your Designer will then start to piece together a wireframe; not entirely how it will look - just a blueprint. It's after this that the magic happens.

A strong Web Designer will take all that knowledge - and translate it in to a workable platform, in which the Developer will (in the end) use, to build your website. This also takes a vast amount of knowledge. Web Design isn't just drawing pictures - it's understanding the fundamental basics of Web Development, the interactions and activity, the user experience and user interfaces, how the website will respond, behave and function... you simply cannot get that with a non-web-specialised designer.

With that being said; a number of times I have worked with one particular Web Designer, who is exponentially talented and vastly passionate about his work. I strongly suggest you head over to Code Creations and speak with a young, trendy chap called Joe.

You won't be disappointed.

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